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E-GOMax+ Folding Electric Bike 250W
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RooDogRogue Fat Tyre
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What is a Fat Tyre Electric Bike?

Fat tyre bikes bridge the gap between a motorcycle and bicycle, improving handling in more rugged loose terrain. These electric bikes are amazing on the beach and are exceptionally popular in surf locations such as Australia. Surfers cruise up and down the beach doing their morning surf check with their surfboards on side racks. Fat tyre bikes also happen to be one of the coolest looking electric bike types out there as they’re often styled to look like an old school motorbike.

Why buy a fat-tyre e-bike?

As Fat Tyre bikes are designed like motorbikes, they’re often heavier than regular e-bikes. Although they’re heavier they often can hold a greater amount of weight such as a second passenger or two small children. They also can come with two separate batteries which can double the range of the electric bicycle. If you’re looking for an e-bike to replace your car then a fat-tyre bike could be the perfect answer.

Why Generation-Electric?

If you’re interested in a fat tyre electric bike then Generation Electric should be your first port of call. We have a huge range of fat tyre bikes, free delivery and a No Quibbles 30-Day Returns Policy which gives you the the time to check your bike is the perfect bike for you. Our customer service team our specialists in understanding your needs and matching you to a fantastic bike.

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