Try your favourite bike for £3/day rental*

We are expanding with a new rental fleet and want to offer our customer's the opportunity to try their bikes before they purchase. We sadly cannot offer this to every customer and an interview process is required before we can proceed with a chosen customer.

Terms & Conditions


£3/day is calculated on a Wisper Tailwind 360Wh e-bike which retails for £1799.99 and the bike being ridden at least 20 days a month. For every day that the bike is ridden less than 20 days a month the customer will incur an extra £2/day charge invoiced at the end of the month. Every bike is fitted with a GPS tracker which allows us to log your distance and usage each month for billing and security purposes. Different bikes will incur different rental prices so please contact us with your chosen bike and we can offer you a quote.

The minimum contract to rent a bike is 3 months from the date the bike arrives at your door, the contract will be 1 month rolling from 3rd month onwards.

A £250 deposit is required to secure the bike and will be also stand as the damage deposit. Delivery of the bike will incur a £50 delivery fee and collection will be £50, if the bike box has been misplaced or thrown out there is a standard £40 fee for a replacement.

The bike will be insured but needs to kept in a locked secure house, flat or office and for visible signs of a break-in to be insured in the event of theft. We provide each bike with a gold rated lock but the bike needs to be locked through the bike frame to an unmovable object and to have been left there for less than 12 hours to be insured in the event of theft.

For further information please email us at or call us on 0333 090 3894.


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