45% OFF ANY BIKE UP TO £10,000* 

Terms & Conditions

In order to achieve the 45% saving on a bicycle, the buyer must be an additional rate tax payer earning in the UK and be able for their employer to approve them hiring/purchasing their bike through the Green Commute Initiative Cycle to Work Scheme. This 45% saving is adjusted from the 47% additional rate tax saving as Taurus Retail Group Ltd (Generation Electric) add a handling fee to process orders this way, this is due to the fees incurred by processing a Green Commute Initiative Certificate.

Basic rate tax payers can get up to 30% off their bike and higher rate tax payers up to 40% once the handling fee has been incurred. Green Commute Initiative Ltd reserve the right to reject any application at their discretion. 

Taurus Retail Group Ltd t/a Generation Electric offer no discount to customers in this process and act as an Independent Retailer who can process a customers Green Commute Initiative Certificate provided they provide the necessary Identification to match their certificate. It is the Green Commute Initiative which awards them the buyer their savings via discount on their PAYE tax bill.


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